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Reach new heights with Cloud driven efficiency.
Grow your business without having to grow your team.
Using our pre-written modules we take the cost out of
software development and create software that is
designed for speed and intuitive use. Automate your
business, save money and retain more customers by
reducing the chance of mistakes.

Invest in your company’s future with custom designed cloud software

Our business model allows us to use our existing state-of-the-art platform to build a bespoke system precisely for your needs. Our affordable software design can help reduce your operating costs with as short a return on investment period as possible.

Some examples of features available

Cloud solution

Can I customise my system?

If there is extra functionality that would help your business we are happy to discuss possibilities for new additions. We write bespoke sections tailored to the needs of our customers – from tablet enabled sections for working away from the office to different means of handling enquiries. One of the great benefits of Cloud based systems is that code can be added on an individual basis and just linked into your own menus giving you the flexibility to adjust the system to your needs and hopefully drive further efficiencies in your business. As each page is its own unique code, development and testing is very fast as compared with traditional desktop software, and we are happy to complete this work at our standard hourly rate.

How often does the software get updated?

Additional module development is on-going as we think of new and innovative methods to save our customers money. As the software is Cloud based we can roll out changes in seconds rather than our customers having to wait for months or years for a scheduled release as is common in desktop solutions. We value suggestions from our customers, and if an idea is suggested that is to the benefit of the majority of our customers we will usually happy to add the feature at now cost.

How often does the software get updated?

You can access the software from any internet enabled computer. The system will work on Apple Macs, PCs or Linux computers.This means that the management team can access your system from home in an evening, or keep an eye on the business while on holiday abroad. If a staff member has to go home for a personal reason, or cannot make it into work due to adverse weather, then they can still potentially get on with some work. Staff members on call to take evening emergency calls can have full access without having to head into the office.

Bookkeeping - import and automatically assign your bank lines


With our software, not only do we provide you with the power to upload your bank statements for multiple accounts, we also help you automatically assign the payments. When sales and expenses arrive, the system recognises the payments and assigns them to the correct categories. A huge time saving on your administration. You can assign any regular incoming bank line to be automatically detected by the system. For example, assign your Direct Debit to to Advertising Expenses every time it appears in your statement.


Our software imports the bank lines from your statements. It works with all major banks. Rather than a software package where you enter everything manually, and then have the time consuming process of reconciling with your bank account, our software IS your bank account. This eliminates many time consuming elements associated with reconciliation.

Dynamically generated documents and advanced business process management

Dynamically generate documents

Design business documents to be generated with pre-defined sections as appropriate to the settings or situation. This is not a simple mail merge, it can be designed to bring in any clauses/paragraphs as appropriate from database entries. The documents can be generated as Microsoft Word documents or alternatively as uneditable PDF documents to ensure staff are not editing documents to be sent.

Business process management

Our software allows tasks to be created and sub-tasks attached to them. Each sub-task can be assigned to a different user. Task templates can be created to allow regular processes to be defined and then attributed to a particular customer or project. Additionally, processes can be set to start after pre-defined events or triggers. The tasks will then be appear as an action against a user. For example, a task could activate a predefined number of days after you receive a new customer in order to to set a member of staff to carry our a particular action.

Integrate with Google Calendars, Google Maps, MailChimp and other web services

Google Calendars

Our software integrates with Google Calendar. At a press of a button add your meetings or other scheduled appointments and they will integrate with Google Calendar. This will allow you and your team to see all of their appointments on the go, with any internet enabled mobile phone. Users can view calendars simultaneously nad our quick-add functionality allows you to add events to calendars from any page.

Google Maps

We have incorporated feature rich Google Maps into our software systems. Display relevant information as single elements or clusters of pins for densely packed areas. Simply click on a pin to bring up all the details in the system. Display, for example, all of your customers and simply click on them to bring up further information. Display directions, live traffic reports to help avoid areas congestion and select from traditional maps or satellite imagery and use Google Street View to “walk” down a street.


We can integrate with Mailchimp to help you bulk email customers or potential customers on your mailing list with fantastic looking HTML based emails.

Integrated text messaging and automated email creation

Text message from the system and receive replies via email

Built in text messaging with replies straight to your email address help keep all your communication in one central place – no more issues with text messages being lost from lost phones, phone upgrades, or just not remembering which member of staff sent the message.

Automated email creation

Design into the system emails which can pull in content as required. Simple minimal click generation with email addresses added, subjects pre-populated and body text filled ready to send or sent automatically on pre-defined dates.

Real-time search results

Information fast and when you need it

Our system use fast, real-time intuitive searching on all the tables of data. Start typing and watch the tables reduce the selected items as you type. Quick and easy to use it is best demonstrated to understand the power compared to traditional search methods of entering a term and clicking a button. We also include the search functionality in drop-down lists, to allow you to select a customer or other information in an instant.


Is my business safer on the Cloud?

Many businesses store all their critical data on computers in offices where a theft or fire could easily destroy essential business information. Indeed, those that backup data every night often store the backup in the same office. With a Cloud solution your data is stored online in secure data centres and is backed up to provide you with peace of mind.

Is my data backed up

On our servers your data is stored on multiple hard drives. Many of these can fail and your data will still be safe. Should a drive fail, it is simply replaced and the server will automatically copy the data back to it. Our primary server is also backed up on a milli-second level to a reserve server. In the event of failure of the primary server, our software can be moved to the reserve server.

Off site backup

Your data is stored on two servers in the Scolocate data centre at the Gyle in Edinburgh. We also backup your data every night to a data centre in London.

Data encryption

We use HTTPS website addresses which you will be familiar with from the security on online banking. SSL technology is used to encrypt your data between your computer and our servers to give you peace of mind that your data will not be be intercepted. We regard this as safer than the potential threat of theft from a computer left in an empty office or house.

Power sources

The data centre takes power from the National Grid and reserve power from the rail network. The servers also have battery backup which can run for a short period while large on-site diesel generators are switched on to power the site in an emergency.

So much more than just another CRM…

We aim to have information to hand in an instant. We concentrate on the fine detail to ensure our systems are as quick, dynamic and intuitive to use as possible. We have significantly invested in the most modern technologies – examples include integrating real-time search into our systems and techniques to simply float your mouse cursor over an area to bring up information rather than having to dig into sub-pages. Our customers who have moved from open source CRMs have never looked back.sample-software
There are a number of options to consider when looking to improve efficiency by using new software in your business. There are some fantastic stand-alone Cloud software products available – however, they often do 90% of what you need and never quite fit with your business model to make it as streamlined as it could be. At the other end of the spectrum you have software written explicitly for your business which can be incredibly costly. We look to bridge the gap between these two options. We have fast, efficient, generic modules ready to use. On receiving the requirements for your business we can design the system to be exactly what you need using our existing building blocks to significantly reduce your costs. From cutting forty minutes off this task to 20 seconds off that task, we can examine your business to ensure that your investment in a new system has as short a period of time as possible for a return in investment.
We are proud to bring together a team with a diverse range of skills. Our founders, Fraser and Robin, built up their skills, knowledge and expertise running projects in a multi-national Defence and innovation company. Fraser, as the owner of a number of successful businesses himself, brings knowledge and understanding of the needs of small and medium sized businesses. Our team comprises homegrown talent and some fantastic staff from the leading countries of Europe adding a nice cosmopolitan mix to the business which helps generate a variety of ideas for approaching a project.

CASE STUDY: In-home care to seniors

Our customer had been using a popular open source CRM system to manage their business. Lyles Sutherland was contracted to develop a fast, innovative system to allow their team to work more effectively, and to integrate their activities with other existing software packages. Our customer was looking to expand their business to new areas, and they required a software system to keep up with their development.

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“I have been using Lyles Sutherland to build a bespoke CRM for our business across our current three sites. I have been very pleased with the project so far. Our CRM was integrated into our business in stages which has been very helpful to our staff to be able to implement the software gradually as opposed to learning a new piece of software in one go. It has also been delivered ahead of target.

Visually our new system looks great with a clean, logical interface and intuitive layout. As we have started using the system, any further debugging, tweaks and changes were addressed with a minimum of fuss. Most tickets, have been addressed within 24-48 hours of us posting them and some were even fixed within a few minutes.

Lyles Sutherland’s understanding of what we are trying to achieve has been second to none with them often advising us how it could be improved and made better as we have gone along. All system integrations with other software we use have been seamless too.

Already we have seen significant improvement to how we organise our business and our levels of reporting and communication within the organisation. I would highly recommend this company for projects of this nature and would envisage our relationship continuing as we continue to grow and build our business and the bespoke systems it needs to make us better at what we do.”

Tim Cocking, MD and Founder, Bright Care


CASE STUDY: Property Management Software

We were looking to create software that made a significant difference to the property management market. We designed software which allowed the upload of bank statements, with the system automatically identifying and attributing lines to the appropriate categories. We created systems that generated 40 minutes’ of document creation in seconds. We integrated with the major property marketing portals (to the extent that two of the majors recommend our system as standard) and our customers’ own websites. We integrated with Google Maps, Google Calendars and text messaging services to bring some fantastic new fresh thinking functionality. We then sold this product to over 90% of the letting agents we presented to. We would love to meet with you, understand where we can save your business time and effort, and create this sort of software for you!

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“Having worked with the current market leader for a number of years, you would not believe there could be a system that would be such an improvement. Not only is SME Pro a great time saver it also is perfectly suited to the Scottish letting market but easily adjustable for other areas. I have been very impressed with the knowledge and customer service levels from Fraser and his team. I would recommend this software over and above any other system I have worked with in the past. Everything has been thought of and considered in great detail, it is very impressive. Thank you.”

Domino Letting

“From the initial meeting with Fraser to now having full use of SME Professional for help4letting, I can quite honestly say the service all round has been exceptional. All my issues and queries have been promptly addressed and Fraser has gone above and beyond helping us run help4letting more efficiently. Fraser is extremely friendly but very professional in his work and obviously takes great pride in SME Professional which shows in the excellent software which he has produced and is constantly updating. From my very first encounter Fraser struck me as someone I would like to do business with so I would most certainly recommend. It is a very pleasant change to see that they have customer focus as top priority. Thank you!”


“Our old cumbersome system was so in-efficient drastic change was needed. In terms of price, support, ease of use, data transfer and general functionality, this software beats the competition hands down. Our switch over was much less painful that anticipated and the support and time from Fraser and his team has been phenomenal. The training provided has been personalised to our needs and knowledge – no wasting an entire day in a seminar room somewhere. Training & support are ongoing whenever we need it and with new functionality introduced with minimum disruption, we have regular contact just for those wee quick questions and general feedback. None of this take the money and run, with a token gesture email a year later to see how you are doing. Our only wish is we had found the software sooner, rather than wasting time, money and effort on other software that just never quite fitted with our needs.”

Kenmore Letting

“What an inspiring afternoon. And what a great relief for us to find such a FAB, inventive and innovative software system and one that ticks all our boxes.”

Dream Tenant

“We would have no hesitation in recommending this software to anyone and can’t stress how easy it makes the day to day running of the business.”

Cruz Property Management

“When I met the team, I instantly thought that they had the right idea, by keeping things simple, straightforward and online. Running a busy lettings agency, it’s very easy to get bogged down with the administration, however the simplicity of the software ensures that your administration is kept to a minimum, whilst also being updated regularly in terms of legality. The team are on hand at any time to answer queries, which is another big headache taken away. I’m looking forward to growing my business in tandem with them for many years to come.”

MacLeod Lettings


CASE STUDY: Maintenance and inspection company

Our customer had staff visiting properties and having to return to the office to record details of the visit. We created bespoke tablet and mobile telephone interfaces to allow their team to create detailed records of the visit without the need for them to spend 30 minutes or more returning to the office at the end of the day. Their records appeared instantly to the administrative team, allow issues to be flagged early and invoices to be dispatched instantly. On discussing business process with the team we realised that significant time was spent generating documents with embedded photographs. We spent four hours designing software to automate this process, saving them 20 minutes on multiple occasions per day. Our software was included as a differentiating factor in presentations they made to their own potential customers, helping to set an already excellent business above their competition and generate more sales.

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“We have used Lyles-Sutherland for over two years for a continual development programme on our bespoke software.

They have been a truly professional and helpful company with nothing other than a positive problem solving attitude which has been a breath of fresh air for us. They have the ability to create fantastically logical processes which are easy to use and understand. It has been very rewarding to work with them and they have eradicated so much of what was manual tasking and repetitive process which has allowed us to free up key employees to get on with developing the business further and dramatically slashed our input and output costs in the process.

We asked them to create a process for us which was highly complex in its nature as it had to cross many areas within the office and also out in the field whilst supplying our clients with live time information. Their approach to the whole project has been faultless and I could not recommend them highly enough. If anyone requires to discuss any aspect of our working relationship with them then please do not hesitate in calling me on 07977133503.”

Kenneth Wills , Managing Director of DPS and First Property Group Limited


What we can do for you is far more extensive than what we list here. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the team.